The Power of the Cloud Brings Together a Company and Its Customers

Are you not getting the results you need?  

Recently, a national auction firm realized that its existing website was no longer generating the types of results that it needed. Not only was the website architecture itself showing signs of age, but it was deployed on an infrastructure that just did not allow for the type of cost-effective growth the company needed to properly meet the requirements of the modern era.

The site itself did not provide the client's own customers with easy access to the information, reporting and communication features that they both needed and deserved. Something had to be done and Pariveda was ready with an approach.

Integrate to reduce IT complexity 

The team at Pariveda was able to leverage Amazon Web Services to deliver a fully robust application platform, all while reducing IT complexity and controlling costs at the exact same time. Pariveda totally redesigned the front-end website, which also generated an opportunity to integrate it with the back-end customer relationship management (CRM) system that the client was already using. This made it far easier for them to coordinate business processes while having the added benefit of making sure that their website was actually aligned with their own strategic goals for the first time.

Cloud solution streamlines the conversation

 At the end of the project, Pariveda was able to significantly reduce IT complexity by replacing a legacy-hosted system with a modern, fully featured cloud solution. Not only were we able to help the client improve and streamline communication across the entire organization, but thanks to the benefits of cloud computing, all necessary information was now instantly available to all parties involved in a conversation or business process. Both the client - and their own customers - now have access to a modern system. 

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