Reliable Data Visualization Improves Customer Relationships

Do you know your customer enough to keep them? 

Recently, a digital television provider realized it needed to be able to better understand exactly how competitive market environments were influencing customer turnover. They needed to take a closer look at the situation at both national and regional levels, as well as across several different dimensions.

Consolidate to one customer view in the cloud

By leveraging an AWS (Amazon Web Services) data pipeline to aggregate data into an Amazon Redshift data warehouse, the client was able to enjoy an almost unprecedented level of visibility into their situation. Pariveda got to work on developing a customer application leveraging D3.js to display data nationally, while preserving the ability to drill that information down into regions and display more granular details at each level.

In the end, the client (with an assist from Pariveda) was able to consolidate what used to be many different (but related) data sets from across the organization into a single, easily digestible map. This map view provided in-context data analysis with just a few quick clicks of a mouse. This, in turn, gave the client the ability to quickly see trending data in specific regions of the country, which put customer research teams in a much better position to look at relevant market factors and identify key threats to their subscriber base in markets that were particularly competitive.

Understanding improves relationships

The end result created a situation where the client understood more about their own customers than ever before in relation to their competition. This insight let them make the right decision for the right market at the right time.