Pariveda Migrates Online Education Company to AWS

How do you scale and migrate efficiently?

Stride is a $2B for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curricula. It is designed as an alternative to traditional "bricks and mortar" education for Kindergarten through 12th grade and they are moving into adult education to expand their presence. Stride was spending millions on their own data centers and licensing while suffering from periodic outages, IT burnout, and costly monitoring of their on-prem hardware. Stride saw the potential to improve performance, scalability, productivity, and reduce costs by migrating their infrastructure to AWS.

Implement a phased approach with Amazon Web Services

Pariveda designed a multi-phased plan to move Stride’s entire infrastructure to AWS. Pariveda advised Stride over the approach and leveraged the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, AWS landing zones, Pariveda’s Pain / Gain Assessment Framework, and maturity models to prioritize workloads.These workloads would exist as a hybrid on-prem/AWS solution until the migration completes which Pariveda designed the network infrastructure to support this goal. Pariveda took a combination of approaches ranging from re-platforming solutions to refactoring them to take advantage of cloud native performance which leveraged a wide range of AWS tooling that includes EC2, Autoscaling groups, CodeDeploy, API Gateway, S3, ASG, ALB, Elasticsearch, CDN, CloudFront, WAF, AWS Transit Gateway and many other services. All of these services and approaches were designed with an Infrastructure as Code and Disposable Infrastructure methodology.

In addition to the migration, Pariveda advised Stride leadership and provided management support to help with the coordination, prioritization, architecture, and plan for the AWS migration. This involved organizational transformation to mature DevOps practices and continued refinement of cloud governance practices (expected AWS budgets, compliance ensuring processes, Stride AWS patterns)

Increase scalability during heightened demand for online classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted unprecedented demand for online education platforms. Due to early investments in a scalable solution, Stride has been able to adapt and meet a spike in demand. Stride is now in a position to be able to migrate their data tier away from expensive licensed based solutions and take advantage of AWS native solutions to save money and improve reliability. In addition, Stride now experiences far fewer outages and risk by relying on AWS automation and disposable infrastructure, so that their end user is rarely impacted by service disruptions


If you are stuck on what next step makes sense for your migration strategy, reach out to and let's get started. 

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