Pariveda and Boise Cascade with AWS

Is it difficult for your customers to buy from you? 

Boise Cascade is a wood products manufacturer that distributes quality wood products including, but not limited to, engineered wood products, plywood, lumber, particleboard and other building materials. Their division of EWP (engineered wood products) wanted to introduce a software platform for the Business of Engineered Wood Products to  Lumber Dealer and Wholesale Distributor customers that would differentiate them in the marketplace. This platform would also allow their customers to manage their Engineered Wood Products business more profitably and efficiently by integrating previously stand-alone software components and providing a system with rich feature sets for the multiple disciplines involved in the Engineered Wood Products business. At the same time, they needed a platform that gave them the ability to quickly deploy new updates.

“Due to the competitive marketplace that Boise Cascade faces with its EWP (engineered wood products) division, it became necessary to find a solution that connected multiple systems, aggregated data for their partners and rapidly deployed new updates based off customer feedback.” – Matt Prince, Manager, Boise Cascade EWP Software


Integrate DevOps using Amazon Web Services

Pariveda was able to help by introducing Boise Cascade to the suite of hosted AWS services and provide custom programming for the BC CONNECT® platform. AWS was essential in the solution as it offered the needs that Boise Cascade was looking for with integration to existing systems as well as the data ingestion necessary for actionable insights. Pariveda built BC CONNECT®, the front facing system for their customers in the cloud using S3 paired with Amazon CloudSearch and Amazon ElastiCache to quickly be able to search and retrieve data. Also, the use of Amazon SNS, Amazon SES and Amazon SQS gave them the messaging platform that allows quick connections between systems and well as direct connection with the partners. This combination resulted in a multifaceted DevOps solution that caters well to Boise Cascade.


“It was essential for us to have a partner that understood our business needs,” said Matt Prince. “Pariveda was able to bring AWS to the table and introduce a suite of technologies that align well with our business and will continually provide benefit to our partners”

Integrating systems saves time & money

BC CONNECT® is now available to lumber dealers and wholesalers across the US and Canada. It integrates other independent software services  like BC FRAMER®, BC CALC® and will soon include cut optimization and Boise Cascade’s proprietary SAWTEK® automated processing system. This level of integration and ability to host would not have been possible without the suite of services offered by AWS. Now they are able to deploy new solutions and ideas rapidly without the need to re-engineer the system. Ultimately, it saves the partners’ time and money as they strive to be more efficient. Boise Cascade with the help of AWS now can reach more partners and provide a higher level of service. Pariveda was proud to help them achieve these goals and help make them the best in their industry

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