Optimizing Balance Health

Can science and technology take your services to the next level?

Zibrio, a company dedicated to advancing novel biometrics for human balance, had its genesis in the U.S. Space Program and uses Machine Learning (ML) to establish patterns of stability and instability via a one-minute standing balance test. Their proprietary product, the SmartScale, measures physical balance to help boost athletic performance and injury recovery as well as fall prevention in older adults and also measures weight.


Zibrio desired a consumer-facing cross-platform mobile application that would allow SmartScale users to pair with the scale through Bluetooth to initiate a balance test. The balance score would be sent back up to AWS for tracking as well as displayed to the user in the app. The collected data, in turn, would provide the “why” behind the balance score and track progress over time to predict future falls and create a more accurate care plan. Further, the app would act as a personal guide to optimize balance health by helping users understand the lifestyle factors that may be helping or hindering their balance.


AWS Cloud Services: the foundation

Pariveda recognized that, as a health startup, Zibrio valued security, cost optimization and scalability to meet future demand. With that in mind, our team created a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android systems which utilized encryption and took advantage of HIPAA-eligible services. Architecture leveraged core AWS services including Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudWatch. Zibrio and Pariveda determined the AWS cloud provider as the most mature cloud platform.


The app utilizes AWS Lambda on the back end and auto-scales to meet demand. Code is uploaded directly to the function with the aid of the Serverless Framework. The backend stores balance profile history, current user data, weight history and balance test history in Amazon DynamoDB. The team used Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring/auditing. Users are authenticated via Amazon Cognito. When they log into the app, Amazon Cognito generates temporary AWS credentials for them associated with a specific IAM role which defines a set of permissions to access the underlying AWS resources.


The Balance Coach App: security, cost optimization, scalability


The Zibrio Balance Coach App delivered the following benefits:


·       Security: Zibrio sought a fully managed and secure service given high-security personal data in the workflows; therefore, an app user-first authenticates using Amazon Cognito User Pools, and the client calls to Amazon Cognito to obtain temporary credentials to call Amazon API Gateway. Data stored in DynamoDB is by default fully encrypted at rest. All in-transit internet traffic is sent through HTTP/SSL;


·       Cost Optimization: “pay for what you use” pricing and two-phase app development lowered upfront costs and mitigated financial risks in go-to-market; and


·       Scalability: AWS Lambda and Amazon S3 offered virtual unlimited scalability to meet future demand.



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