Put Your People First: Building Organizational Safety & Resiliency

We are bombarded by opinions on when it will be safe and wise to bring societies back to more normal operations after the outbreak of COVID-19. For your business, however, you need to make firm decisions governed by clear principles. Your employees and your customers are likely looking for certainty, not conjecture. 

This white paper considers these four major decisions companies will have to make. Download to learn more and reach out to us with questions. 

1. How quickly do you ask employees to come back to the workplace, once government allows it?
2. How much should you re-engineer the workplace, and what actions would be most worthwhile?
3. To what degree should you transform how work is performed, and by whom, to enable greater resiliency?
4. To the extent you can do so, how intrusive about employees’ and customers’ health status are you willing to be?

This paper, authored by Steve Wunker, Managing Director of New Markets Advisors and Kerry Stover, COO of Pariveda,  provides a framework for arriving at those decisions, along with inspiration about what tangible steps you might take. 

Download to learn more and reach out to us with questions to continue the conversation

Download the PDF

You can also watch Steve Wunker and Kerry Stover discuss the topic "Put Your People First: Building Organizational Safety & Resiliency" in a recent webinar session.


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