The Modern Data Enterprise 

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A Modern Data Enterprise seeks to consistently deliver value by driving decisions and action from data across the entire value chain. It aligns governance with the overall data strategy and centers around a platform that supplies value unique to your organization. This approach allows your organization to uniquely craft the way you handle data now and in the future. Pariveda is able to assess your organization’s current data maturity and recommend the steps to achieve better insight and make better decisions. 

Download our one pager to see the maturity journey each organization can take to build resilience in their data organization.

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Pariveda and Microsoft hosted a webinar to discuss The Modern Data Enterprise with a current clients. Watch as they answer questions that apply to relevant use cases. 



Offerings to Help You Get Started

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Pariveda has achieved the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization. This means that we are 1 of 6 U.S. partners and 1 of 5 Canadian partners who have achieved this specialization. Explore the Azure Marketplace to learn about our 4 week assessment to kick start your journey to a Modern Data Enterprise with Microsoft or reach out at to engage with us. 

We have developed a series of offerings that allow you to start your journey to creating a Modern Data Enterprise. Whether you need to focus on governance structures or navigate upgrading your data platform, we can tailor the solution to best fit your specific situation and need.


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