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Management Productivity Multipliers is your guide to being a better leader and to designing and implementing a more sustainably capable, efficient, and accountable business.

In his work consulting to major corporations for more than thirty years, Gerald Kraines consistently discovers that 60–70 percent of business organizations’ potential value goes unrealized. He shares how to create an organization that leverages its full potential value and engages, aligns, and develops employees in order to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting results.

Eliminate managerial abdication, bad hierarchy, and accountability gone awry in your organization. Business leaders who follow the principles in this book can multiply every measure of success and capture its full unrealized potential. Accountability, leadership, organizational alignment, and human resource systems are the building blocks for creating optimally productive organizations. Kraines shares compelling examples on how to get each of them right and properly integrated into a cohesive whole.

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“Kraines is truly a global thought leader in the space of change management and aligning strategy.”

—Denis Turcotte, managing partner and COO in the Private Equity Group, Brookfield Asset Management, Inc.


“This book provides a road map for establishing a high-performance culture and developing a pipeline of talent.  This should be basic reading for all new managers.”

—Charles G. Tharp, senior advisor, research and practice, Center on Executive Compensation, HR Policy Association


“Gerald Kraines is the Yoda of management.” 

—Barry Hurewitz, group managing director, global head of Evidence Lab innovations and advanced analytics solutions, UBS.


Gerry Kraines Headshot

About the Author

Gerry Kraines Senior Vice President , Dallas Office

With more than 40 years of consulting experience, Dr. Gerry Kraines is uniquely qualified to lead Pariveda’s Strategic Organization Transformation and Organizational Change practice areas.  In his role, Gerry consults worldwide to companies of all sizes. He has helped to integrate and implement many successful corporate reorganizations resulting from rapid growth, acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations. 

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