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Toss Bhudvanbhen

Toss Bhudvanbhen

Toss Bhudvanbhen



Toss has over 15 years of experience in both software development and management of development teams. He has a strong background in financial services and wealth management. Toss has worked with clients in manufacturing, health care, and retail sales. Most recently, Toss lead a small team of consultants in an effort to move an internal process of Microsoft Excel to a web application hosted on Amazon Web Services making use of EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, and S3.


Toss has hands on experience designing enterprise solutions in Java, Oracle, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services. Toss has managed teams of varying sizes from small teams to enterprise programs of multiple development teams. Toss is best known for his ability to communicate across a wide audience raninging from junior developers to he C-Suite.

Prior to joining Pariveda, Toss was the Lead Architect for client facing systems at a Chicago based Wealth Management

Outside of the Office

Toss can be found spending time with his two young nephews. Toss took classes at a local cooking school for 18 months and can be found experimenting in the kitchen.

Education and Service

Toss received a Bachelor of Science in Math & Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.

Best Career Advice Ever Received

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