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Paul Galle

Vice President
Paul Galle

Paul Galle

Vice President


Mr. Paul Galle is a proven leader and executive with 20+ years’ experience focused on new market development and customer success in global enterprise business solutions and technology. Paul is passionate about, developing and delivering high quality business solutions for customers. Paul is able to communicate the benefits of these solutions across all levels of the organization – from the day-to-day end users to the executive suite. His customers have come from all different industries including retail, automotive, telecommunications, hospitality, and high-tech, among others.


Paul started his career working at Microsoft to help clients understand and develop their organization with innovative talent development and recruiting process. Next, he was very fortunate to be at the forefront of the development of a new multi-national consulting services company. While there, Paul worked both internationally and domestically to manage and direct the Solutions Engineering function including Architecture, Development, Test and Program Management teams. These solutions focused on building delivery assets and differentiators that would drive enterprise value to his customers helping them achieve their goals. Paul’s career continues working in the software industry responsible for the Program Management Office functions including Delivery Management, Risk Mitigation, Process development and reporting of a global team based in the US, UK, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Paul worked with his clients to develop new services strategy, implementation, and managed solution development processes. These solutions resulted in some of the world’s largest automotive infotainment, and retail dispensing solutions released to market.

Prior to Pariveda, Paul continued to work in the hospitality and automotive domains partnering with clients to define and develop new consumer and digital experiences for their customers. He was responsible for collaborating and working with C-level clients to evangelize and develop new business at some of the world’s largest automotive OEM’s and related industries such as oil and gas, parking, and retail stores.

At Pariveda, Paul returns to his core consulting services roots here is able to follow his passions for working with customers on their toughest and most business-critical issues focused on AI/ML, cloud solutions, and digital transformation. Paul is fervent believer in servant leadership looking forward to engaging customers and colleague in the development and evolution of our social good.

Outside of the Office

Paul and his wife, Michele, are actively engaged in the lives and extra-curricular activates of their 3 teenagers Evan, Megan, and Tyler. When not working, you will find Paul at a local baseball field, soccer pitch, or basketball court, and working on a way to clone himself to be in all 3 places at once. Paul is an avid sports fan, and in the summer’s volunteers with the local Little League to umpire games. When not working and watching sports, Paul and his family love to spend time with family throughout the US, particularly outdoors in Alaska, Lake Tahoe, and Montana. Growing up in a military family, Paul also love international travel to engage and experience new cultures (will eat anything once!).

Education and Service

Paul received his degree from the University of Montana and has been involved in community service (Northshore School District, Kirkland Little League)


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