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Craig Nottingham

Finity Member
Craig Nottingham

Craig Nottingham

Finity Member


As a leader in workplace productivity, technology innovation and adoption, Craig has helped improve the day-to-day technology experience within clients for over 20 years. Through his work across multiple industries and business areas, combined with his innovation insights & perspectives, Craig brings a holistic view to shaping winning strategies for clients and teams. His passion for helping people reach their potential is a driving force of his ‘coaching’ work style.


Over the past 20 years, Craig has helped identify, define and lead projects working at the intersection of business and technology. These projects have involved software application development, collaboration systems, communication systems, knowledge management systems, change management and innovation frameworks. Craig has helped clients, who range in size from start-up to top 10 Fortune 100, with a focus on healthcare & fitness, biopharmaceutical, retail, oil & gas, public utilities, telecommunications, industrial technologies, software houses, local government, not-for-profit, policy centers and membership organizations.

Outside of the Office

Craig continues to pursue his life-long health and learning goals as an avid runner, cyclist, skier, pilot, teacher, outdoor wanderer and worldwide traveller.

Education and Service

Craig received a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Software Engineering from the University of Central Lancashire and after several years of founding and running businesses, he received a Master of Business Administration from The Open University Business School.

Craig undertook the National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergency Care course to become a medical first-responder and is now a volunteer part-time member of Ski Patrol and Mountain Bike Patrol. Craig is also an ambassador for the Tahoe Rim Trail helping others in need or enjoyment of the high-elevation trail.

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