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Jonathan Landers

jon landers

Jonathan Landers



Mr. Jon Landers is a data scientist and application architect with many years of relevant experience.  He has applied machine learning and data science techniques in a variety of fields including biology, sports, and retail energy and spent several years conducting and presenting original scientific research.  Also, he has managed many teams and implemented software solutions using a variety of technologies and languages.  


Jon started his career in academia and spent more than 6 years working on original research involving the application of machine learning and mathematics to problems in biology. He worked with a team of scientists at Columbia University on developing algorithms to further the goal of elucidating the structure and control of genetic regulatory networks.

During that time he also joined a software company where he worked as a software engineer developing customized applications for practitioners in the legal industry. There he leveraged his machine learning expertise in providing advanced features for document review tools such as search, sort, categorization, clustering, and classification. He also gained valuable experience in general applications and software development.

Since joining Pariveda, Jon has worked on an assortment of projects across an array of industries. He regularly consults at clients on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science related topics. As the head data scientist on a project at a retail energy client, he helped to build an analytics and data ingestion platform that leveraged machine learning to tackle business problems that included load forecasting, customer segmentation, customer churn analytics, competitor price forecasting, targeted marketing and advertising, and customer lifetime value. Similarly, at a large agricultural manufacturing company, Jon aided in architecting a data ingestion and storage platform to support advanced analytics and data science. He manages internal training programs and helps in developing firm-wide strategies around artificial intelligence and data science. He has also worked as a project manager at a variety of clients developing customized software solutions ranging from kiosk systems to CRM applications.

Outside of the Office

When Jon is not working he enjoys time with his family and friends. He spends time working on an array of personal science projects that are generally related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, physics, mathematics, and philosophy. He loves music and continues to play guitar in a band with his two friends from high school that was started at the age of 16. Also, he enjoys cooking, reading, and movies.

Education and Service

Jon graduated from Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science with a Master of Science degree in computer science and a concentration in machine learning. Prior to that, he graduated with all-university honors from Binghamton University’s Thomas Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science with a degree in computer science and a minor in physics.