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Vikki Costello

Vikki Costello

Vikki Costello



Vikki has spent over a decade building her recruiting expertise in Technical recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area and developing a mode of operation that puts people first in the talent acquisition process. Through the course of her career, Vikki discovered her passion for all things recruiting, including a geeky love of recruiting data and matchmaking people with careers. She now uses these skills and passions to help Pariveda execute a forward-thinking strategy in college recruiting that complements the mission and vision of the firm.


Prior to joining Pariveda, Vikki began her career at a national staffing agency, where she learned the ins and outs of sourcing, recruiting, and placing full-time and contract employees across a variety of companies and industries in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. Vikki developed her sourcing strategy expertise in her early years at Pariveda by building the sourcing team and defining the processes and strategies employed in sourcing here. She honed her recruiting expertise by working across the West coast to find and hire the best talent for our teams and developing strategies to recruit in competitive markets at local and national levels. More recently Vikki has shifted her focus to the college recruiting space and is diving into efforts to predict the best solutions for future demand considering all the complexities of the college recruiting ecosystem. Through her work Vikki seeks to understand and solve complex Human Capital solutions by considering People through Processes and the value and impact of processes on people.

Outside of the office

Outside of the office Vikki enjoys spending quality time with her husband and 2 sons, acting as a cheerleader to all three at the driving range and occasionally pursuing her own passion for fine wine in the nearby Sonoma/ Napa area. Vikki also enjoys reading and listening to anything Human Capital related.

Education and Service

Hailing from Cork, Ireland Vikki moved to the Bay Area in 2001 after a brief foray into Computer Science in University in Ireland. After clearly identifying the coding life was not for her (nor was the Real Estate brokerage life) Vikki received her B.S. in Business Administration and HR from Sonoma State in 2006. She is active as a career mentor with Meritus and enjoys volunteering at her son’s school and with Pariveda.

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