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Steve Cantonis

Vice President
Steve Cantonis from Pariveda Atlanta

Steve Cantonis

Vice President


Steve is a Vice President for the Atlanta office. He is known as a creative problem solver with a focus on delivery excellence and the development of others. He has a passion and proven track record for providing innovative solutions and successful outcomes for complex problems.  His commitment to delivering high value simple solutions comes from a desire to ensure his clients and their customers, along with his colleagues and teammates, are well cared for. This commitment has solidified steadfast, trusted relationships with his colleagues and clients as a recognized leader, mentor, friend and someone who can be counted on to get things done.

His desire for the success of his team and those around him is a constant focus, providing thought leadership and coaching to his fellow Fins and clients alike. 


Steve has over 20 years of experience in business and technology services starting his career with Pricewaterhouse.  Over the years he has collaborated with many companies to lead initiatives from large-scale organizational and business transformations, innovation design and delivery, to strategy and process improvement.

Steve has helped his clients change the day-to-day operations of project delivery from large scale waterfall processes to more iterative processes focused on quality, speed to market, and transparency. Having a background with an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s led many initiatives that have helped his clients realize new technology products, capabilities, and insights for their business. His expertise spans business transformation, digital experience, customer experience, merger integration, technology and innovation process development and delivery, information management and analytics, and change management.

Prior to joining Pariveda Solutions, Steve was a Partner with Slalom Consulting.  At Slalom, Steve collaborated and lead teams focused in the Telecommunications, Retail, and Financial Services industries. 

Outside of the office

Steve is an avid outdoor enthusiast and can be found with family and friends out mountain biking, fishing, road cycling, and many other outdoor activities. He is also an amateur mountain bike racer supported by his wife Jodi and their two dogs.

Education and Service

Steve received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Decision Information Science from the University of Florida.  He has served and serves as a competitive soccer coach, mentor, and a licensed volunteer coach for high school athletes participating in the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Best Career Advice Ever Received

You don’t have to be perfect every day. Take the long view and strive for continuous improvement and development through a diverse set of experiences. Take risks, make yourself uncomfortable, and grow.


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