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Jason Williams

Jason Williams from Pariveda Atlanta

Jason Williams



Mr. Williams is a Principal in our Atlanta office and brings a wealth of experience architecting and implementing technology solutions for businesses large and small. His passion for learning allows him to quickly understand business and technology challenges and to design technology solutions to address them. His passion for coaching and mentoring allows him to lead effective teams to implement said solutions.


Mr. Williams has 15 years of experience designing and building technology solutions across multiple industries, including retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and education. Early in his career, Jason’s focus was the manufacturing sector, where he designed industrial control systems (PLC, HMI) for the aggregates industry. Over the past 10 years, Jason’s work has led him to focus on a broad range of solutions and industries. Some of his proudest accomplishments include leading the development process re-engineering of a 500+ geographically dispersed team in the telecommunications sector, architecting the first native mobile app for a large automotive web property, and implementing a mobile application development platform for a large postal organization, well before MADP had entered the lexicon.

Outside of the office

Jason is married with one small child. He enjoys spending time with family, practicing his French, cooking, and reading, often in some combination together. He and his wife also enjoy traveling and are usually in some state of planning a trip, being on a trip, or just returning from a trip.

Education and Service

Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science, both from Georgia Tech.


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