Levinson by Pariveda - Planning for the Post-COVID-19 Work-from-Home World

Right now, executives are in the middle of developing new and productive ways to keep their WFH managers and employees engaged – emotionally and professionally. Regular communication to identify employee obstacles and new opportunities is necessary in this shifting context. So how you do prepare accordingly and take the right next step? Dr. Gerry Kraines walks through three steps for you to start engaging in a dialogue at your organization. Download the full PDF and reach out to start a discussion on the strategy you have set out for your organization. 


Consider these three things. 

1. How do you restart the engine?

Managers need to define their business’s new context while simultaneously clarifying the new priorities for leadership.

2. What can you do in the near-term? 

Managers need to be nimble; they need to anticipate and plan for key changes in the business environment to come.

3. What changes should you make in the long-term? 

Managers should also begin to think seriously about redesigning structures and processes to meet these new realities.


Download the PDF

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