Structuring and Leading Processes to Ensure Accountability

Process. Structure. Workflow. Accountabilities. These are all a part of your organization’s strategy. But what role do they each play? How do you ensure you have an effective strategy with engaged and committed employees?

The Levinson by Pariveda paper on Structuring and Leading Processes to Ensure Accountability will help you answer those questions and more as it covers:

·  The foundation of organizational strategy

·  Six ways employees are expected to add value

·  The importance of developing a taxonomy for accountabilities

·  Structural conditions necessary to ensure accountability for lateral workflow

Having the right structure and processes in place helps ensure accountability, which is actually more complex that we realize. It is fundamentally different from personal responsibility.

Download the paper below to determine how you might adjust your structure and processes to ensure meaningful and unambiguous accountability in your organizations and on your teams.

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