Leadership in Times of Crisis

When a crisis occurs, hard-earned trust between leaders, managers and employees may be temporarily fractured. During these times, there are difficult but predictable phases to accurately counter the stress, distraction and fear employees have of making mistakes and failing.

The four phases that you need to recognize are:

· Shock

· Disorientation

· Experimentation

· Consolidation

Throughout all four phases of every crisis, the best leaders set clear direction and work to leverage their employees’ potential by engaging commitment, aligning judgment and developing capabilities. They L.E.A.D.!




Levinson by Pariveda has a how-to guide to help you lead through a crisis.


Download the guide below to instill a culture of adaptive readiness in your organization. This culture empowers employees to take the initiative to search for new opportunities to innovate and more fully apply their innate capacity and creativity to create incremental value.


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