Predictors of Success

- Ability to quickly learn and apply new skills and technologies
- Driven to self-improvement as a professional 
- Passion for problem solving and a commitment to continuous learning
- Ability to work in small teams

Educational Requirements

- Systems thinking and problem solving skills                       
- Written and verbal communication skills                                
- Pursuing Bachelor Degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Mathematics or comparable major
- Minimum GPA of 3.2 overall and in major course work                                

How to Stand Out

A commonly asked question on campus is how you can make yourself standout from your peers who are applying for the same positions as you. Below are a few ways you can set yourself apart:
- Come speak to us at a career fair or an on campus event, we want to get to know you                       
- Become a leader on campus                       
- Tinker with new technologies or find your passion in technology                       
- Gain development experience outside of required coursework                       
- Make sure you highlight your previous work experience                       
- List your competency level in core programming languages                       
- Summarize your career goal, what you want to get out of the internship                                            

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