Boys and Girls Club of Houston - Mobile Application

Since 1952, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston have been provided community programs for local low income youth. They’ve developed low cost programs for local families to take their children to engage in programs for physical health, academic success, and empowering the youth to become capable adults in their communities. In addition, BGCGH provides programs for families and life styles such as job support for teens, how to apply for local government programs, and counseling for children in times of need. In addition they provide free or low cost meals to children throughout the summer, when schools may be unable to provide these services. There are currently over twenty Boys and Girls Clubs in the Houston metro area.

In order to further fulfill its mission, BGCGH desired to increase communication with parents and help increase attendance with kids while being cost-conscious as a non-profit organization. Ultimately, increased communication and attendance will lead to better graduation rates and success of the children in their program. Typically when an emergency event occurs or something needs to be communicated, today it is done with old school phone trees or by paper flyers. In addition, BGCGH wanted to help increase routine and attendance of the kids to their clubs. If they accomplished this, it leads to better graduation and success rates among the kids themselves. 

 Screenshots of the application

Recognizing that most parents of the Boys & Girls Clubs use their phone as their primary source of interaction, Pariveda saw an opportunity to leverage technology to solve this problem. Pariveda architected full-stack mobile application and administrative portal leveraging core AWS products. The backend supporting API is purely pay-as-you-go Serverless, built on DynamoDB, S3, Cognito, and Lambda. The application supports push notification localized to individual club locations and audience types (Staff, Teen, Parent). This allows for quick alerts between staff and the parents when immediate communication is needed, such as a severe weather event. Additionally, the application supports a Corkboard feature where virtual flyers can be posted to individual locations. Lastly, the application includes a gamified attendance tracking functionality that shows a child’s attendance, giving them Silver or Gold status if they reach key attendance KPIs for a given school year. This allows staff to hold silver or gold badge winners events, such as pizza parties or similar.

The AWS application architecture for the app

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