Improving Patient Care Through eVisits

As machine learning and natural language processing continue to mature, healthcare executives need to understand and identify ways to utilize these tools to drive better outcomes for their organization and for their patients.

Based on Amazon Comprehend Medical, Pariveda’s Natural Language Processing solution ensure a seamless experience for the patient and doctor via an eVisit. This allows a doctor to focus on their patient, and the patient knows their doctor has all the correct information for a diagnosis.

Quickly add value with a Natural Language Processing solution:

Watch the video for a preview of an eVisit using Pariveda’s Natural Language Processing solution.


The one-pager by Amit Shah shares a detailed view of how the solution works and dives into additional scenarios that bring value to your organization – including time savings and increased revenue.

Download the one-pager to learn more about Pariveda’s Natural Language Processing Solution.

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