Pariveda's Healthcare Segment

From scheduling Telehealth visits as a way to improve the patient experience to predicting infections before they spread throughout the hospital, the healthcare industry is experiencing tremendous amounts of change as technology continues to advance.

As every hospital has a different goal in mind, we are here to help you meet your specific goals. By seeking to understand your priorities and constraints, we offer transformational ideas tailored to your needs. With the problem solved, you're able to confidently lead change and discover your next growth opportunity — ultimately becoming more adaptable and more resilient in the process.

As you strive to lead the healthcare industry, we're equipped to deliver outcome-based solutions ranging from strategy to execution. You'll see below exactly how our solutions helped save lives by predicting infectious diseases, saved time when conducting research, increased revenue by uncovering data that was buried away in unstructured doctors' notes and more. Our solutions within Life Sciences range from R&D to supply chain to the commercial branches of your organization. 

Explore our perspective on the healthcare industry below and read the stories on how we have helped organizations just like yours.

We work together with the top technology partners to deliver the best solution for your organization.


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Pariveda has worked with Amazon Web Services to establish offerings that take advantage of the suite of AWS services. We are one of twelve organizations that have obtained the Healthcare Competency from AWS. Learn more about our Knowledge Work Automator on the AWS Solution Space page and discover our perspective on Natural Language Processing

Recently our work developing voice technology with Houston Methodist hospital led to some innovative use cases and perspectives. Explore more about our work at Methodist here

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Orbita is a leader in conversational AI for the healthcare industry. Learn more about our partnership with Orbita here.  



Reach out to our healthcare leaders, Allison Esenkova and Marc Helberg, to learn about our full suite of healthcare offerings. 

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