Why You Should Foster Resiliency in a Time of Crisis - And How To Do It

There are many tactics and ideas floating around on how to navigate this pandemic. While immediate actions have been taken and potentially more to come, how are you looking at those decisions through a resilient lens. Margaret Rogers, from our Washington D.C. offices takes us through some scenarios and things to consider. 

 For example: 

• Decisions feel harder in these types of high-risk situations

• Long term inaction can be dangerous in an economic crisis

• Rash decisions can be just as damaging

• Acknowledge the increased anxiety (how much worse are things likely to get? how long is this going to last?)

• Growing pressure to do something often produces uncoordinated moves that overcompensate, underachieve or are


Download the full one pager below to discover more thoughts and reach out to us for help ensuring your organization stays resilient through this pandemic. 

Download the PDF

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