Developing Your Interactive Workshop for a Virtual World

Don’t let the lack of an in-person workshop keep you from moving forward. By putting some intentional effort into designing an engaging virtual event, you’ll be able to meet your goals and drive toward your original project’s purpose. So, rather than waiting for a time when you can bring all your participants together again, keep the momentum going by intentionally designing and delivering a meaningful virtual workshop with thoughtful facilitation.

By reframing how you think about virtual workshops, you can see them for the benefits provided: lower cost, increased succinctness and pre-captured outputs.

But how can a virtual setting generate the same results as an in-person workshop? The foundation of designing events for a virtual world lies in these six major components.

Pariveda's guide to Developing Your Interactive Workshop for a Virtual World by Carrie Beckner shares the tips, tools and techniques that you can apply to create an impactful virtual workshop experience.

Even once we return to meeting in-person, you’ll find that virtual workshops may be an ideal alternative as they are often more cost-effective, reducing the need for travel, rented space and new materials.

Download the guide to learn more about Developing Your Interactive Workshop for a Virtual World.

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