Pariveda's COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Clients and Partners, 

In our tradition of transparency and valued relationship with you, we are sharing Pariveda's mindset as we navigate the dynamic COVID-19 pandemic.

Our communities have entered extraordinary times. We are in the early stages of experiencing the global COVID-19 pandemic here. All of Pariveda's eleven major cities have reported COVID-19 locally and implemented varying stages of quarantine and social distancing. We have approximately 750 employees actively engaged with customers, including you and your company, across these cities.

We have implemented Work from Home (WFH) protocols for all employees and rigorous social distancing protocols for those needing access to our offices across North America. We are not the first company to make this decision.

We want to share how we formed our decision and where, together, we can all go from here. By being transparent with each other, we can better partner for shared successful outcomes. Pariveda differentiates itself working with clients and partners like you by emphasizing small teams with on-site presence and regular face to face interactions. We are shifting to WFH with great care. We have a highly engaged and skilled workforce with a reputation for exceptional work product and productivity. Many of our employees have experience working remotely.

We are acting on WFH now because it best satisfies all of our accountabilities to you and your company. WFH creates social distance for everyone, protecting our families and the communities in which we live. Let us examine our accountabilities:

Assure the health and well-being of our employees and their families. The key to "flattening the curve/wave" is rigorous social distancing, WFH is the best tool business has in its toolbox for social distancing. Many businesses, like ours, have made remote work and communications tools integral to everyday work.

Do no harm to our customers (you and your company), and by extension, assure the health and well-being of our customers' employees, their families and communities. There are two aspects. The direct impact is our employee(s) spreading the virus to you or your teammates. They might infect others for two weeks or more without any sign of illness. The indirect impact of a consultant or employee becoming ill is consequential. If an employee becomes infected, the facility they work in must pause work for deep cleaning before restarting. It also goes without saying; we need healthy employees to serve your needs well.

Please reach out to discuss our approach for your specific needs. We seek to partner with you to achieve shared successful outcomes. We would be honored to share our WFH project processes with you, as well as have you join in our continuous WFH improvement journey. We want to dialogue with you and partner on appropriate solutions for your company when you are ready to plan for the next phase.

At Pariveda, we are optimistic that together we will all come through this more knowledgeable and resilient than before.

Best regards,

Bruce Ballengee, CEO


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