Managing Your Career

Pariveda invests in your career. Recognizing that each individual develops in his or her own way, we leverage a variety of tools to grow and manage your career. Empowering you to "own" your career development and progression provides a clearly identified and accelerated career path. This also leads to more meaningful work experiences and more engaged employees. 

Investment 1: Our Expectations Framework

Our Expectations Framework assists you in developing your career from an effective consultant to a successful executive and provides guidelines for developing yourself and your career.    

Investment 2: Career Coaching

At Pariveda, you are expected to proactively manage your own career however, no one does it alone.

- You are assigned a more senior Pariveda career coach to provide the insight, motivation and direction to advance your career based on your professional goals                                                 
- You receive continuous feedback on how you are doing                                                             
- You are able to receive coaching on how to adjust and adapt your performance                 

As you progress in your career, the greater the expectations are for you to develop others. Vice Presidents are expected to be developing teams and growing future executives. They are regarded as expert coaches and continually focus on nurturing the coaching relationships they develop. This provides a valuable structure for assessing readiness for a promotion to the next level.

Investment 3: Continuous Feedback

We have tools, culture and processes to enable you to provide and receive continuous feedback from your leaders and peers at Pariveda. 
- We balance a structured approach for managing your career while providing needed flexibility                               
- We incorporate the principles and science behind Deliberate Practice                                                     
- Deliberate Practice aids in faster career development but requires an appropriate level of continuous feedback in order to be successful

Investment 4: Day One Leadership Development

We include everyone in our leadership development program. We do not elevate a few for our leadership track but give each employee the opportunity to advance along the same track. Since our work takes place in small teams, every level has opportunities to:                                       
- Challenge ideas and recommend solutions                                       
- Assist teammates with their career development needs                                       
- Work with clients directly to deliver value          

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