Interview Prep

Our interview process allows you to dialogue with consultants, managers and executives within Pariveda. Candidates have the opportunity to learn as much about Pariveda as we learn about you. Your choice in career is an important step, and our goal is to help ensure that your choice is the right choice. 

How to Apply

You can apply through our online career portal or you can submit your resume at the Pariveda booth at a local career fair. Once your resume is submitted, we will contact you if you are selected for an interview. This process may take up to a month, depending on the timing of events at your campus.

Resume Tips:

- Include technical work that you are doing or have done through formal or informal education
- Personal Projects (i.e. work on GitHub, building mobile apps, etc.)
- Classroom projects
- Past Internships
- Hackathons
- Include your cumulative GPA and expected graduation date   

Behavioral Interview

The behavioral interview is the first step in our campus interview process and consists of a 45 minute discussion with a member of our management team. This stage of the process will comprise general questions related to your experiences such as "Why did you choose your major?" and "Tell me about a time you worked in a group setting." Candidates selected to move forward in the interview process also participate in our Round 2 interview on campus the following day.                                                                      

Interview Tips:

Use the PAR 3 approach when answering questions to ensure providing the correct level of detail            
P: restate the problem            
A: discuss the actions you took to solve the problem            
R: state the results. Don't be afraid to talk about not being successful; if you failed discuss what you learned from that attempt and what you would do differently if you were to encounter the same problem   

- It is okay to pause and collect your thoughts before answering a question            
- Dress professionally; this is the start of your career            
- Have a firm handshake            
- Mimic the interviewer's style (If they are loud and upbeat, try to be the same. If they are softer, shadow them. Interviewers like to hire someone that resembles them and reminds them of themselves at your age

Students selected to move forward with the Round 2 interview will sit for the Berger Aptitude for Programming exam on campus the day following the behavioral interview. This two-hour test is used to gauge your analytical programming skills. More information on the test and its form can be found here.     

Exam Tips:

- This exam is logic based, so you do not need to know a particular programming language       
- Avoid over-analyzing the questions       
- You will not be allowed to leave once the test begins, so be sure to use the break prior to the test       
- Always use the allotted time to answer the sample test questions       
- Double check your answers       
- If at first you don't know, skip and go back to the question    

Final Stage Interview

A select group of candidates will be invited to participate in the final stage of interviews. This portion of the interview process will be completed during a scheduled Pariveda office visit, where you will work in teams with candidates from various backgrounds. The team business case runs about two hours and will challenge your analytical skills. The case mimics a real-life business problem where you will be the consultant advising a client.                                                  


- Actively engage in group discussion       
- Ensure everyone is involved in the presentation       
- Interviewers may ask questions regardless of how great your answer is, they merely want to see how you think on your feet       
- This is a group effort, we are looking to see how well you work with others since the majority of our work is done in teams     

Not Selected this Year?

If you are not selected for a full time position, it does not mean you are not a fit for Pariveda. In order to keep with our vision of small teams and provide you with the best experience possible, we have to limit our spots available each year.  Continue to keep in touch with us as you pursue your career. Utilize the relationships you built during the interview process to keep in touch with us and explore opportunities down the road. The recruiting team will be here to help in any way we can.  If you feel your GPA is low, go ahead and include your major GPA as well. Always bring an extra copy of your resume to pass out.

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