Portals and Collaboration

Effective communication is the key to strong and lasting relationships. Whether communicating better with customers through a mobile site or collaborating internally with workers, it is no easy task to make business more accessible by reducing gaps in communication and improving efficiency. Building the right portal solution improves how information is managed, reduces costs, streamlines the trading relationship and improves communications. 

  • ​Governance and Roadmaps

    Providing strategy to meet business objectives

    Building strong communication is a journey. With so many factors to consider in a sound portal strategy we help you evaluate how to begin with a strong governance model that combines technology and information security with current business practices and change management preferences.​ 

  • Corporate Intranets 

    Improving collaboration and communication 

    Improving the flow of information to your workforce significantly impacts your organizational efficiency. We leverage enterprise content management and social computing such as blogs, wikis and communities to make internal communication and interactions personal and efficient.

  • Customer Portals

    Enabling business-to-business partnerships 

    Trust is built with consistency. Our solution, designed for collaborating both privately and selectively with your customers and business partners, provides consistent interactions. This consistency allows for visibility to increase customer confidence and loyalty. 

  • Consumer Facing Websites

    Engaging customers in rich user experience

    Helping you embrace social networking in your website to garner and engage customers, we provide rich customer experience that utilizes social collaboration, analytics and branding to help you keep existing customers and attract new customers.