Enterprise Integration

With access no further away than a phone, employees as well as customers are looking for rapid access to actionable information in order to make real-time decisions. Our approach to Enterprise Integration provides a holistic view to the information used to operate the business and identifies connection paths for sharing that data across the organization.
  • Enterprise Integration 

    Defining strategy for maturity roadmaps 

    A value-based assessment defines strategy that finds the right combination of integration technologies and practices enabling data sharing across your organization. The roadmap we provide defines a time-based adoption model establishing the foundational architecture for enterprise integration. 

  • Integration Modernization

    Interfacing with reusable services 

    We analyze legacy systems and extend their life by defining a set of Web Services or APIs that continue to utilize functionality but reduce the legacy systems tightly coupled integration with other systems. In time, legacy systems can be replaced, retired or extended depending on business direction.

  • Services Enablement

    Delivering and maintaining service

    We focus on improving existing connections used to operate the business and develop new connection paths for sharing data. We define the management process to develop the API definitions, establish operational procedures that maintain the integration platform and form governance controls.