At Pariveda, our leadership team is firmly committed to exhibiting our core values toward clients and employees. Our executive leadership team guides the firm to provide outstanding service to our clients while still playing an integral role in growing our employees. Below you can read more about our team's substantial experience, and also about what interests us outside of the office. We hope you learn more about the company we have become so passionate about. 

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

  • Bruce Ballengee


    As President and Chief Executive Officer of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., Mr. Ballengee has contributed to the success of the company through his keen insight and industry knowledge...More 

  • Kerry Stover

    COO, Executive Vice President

    Mr. Kerry Stover has over twenty-five years of management and technology consulting experience in developing and implementing business strategies enabled by leading technology. With expertise in defining… More 

  • Brian Orrell

    Chief Technology Officer

    As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Orrell works to ensure Pariveda defines appropriate approaches for technology and delivery at our clients, identifies and develops frameworks that will improve our...More 

  • James Kupferschmid

    Chief Financial Officer

    As Chief Financial Officer of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., he plays a major role working closely with the executive team to creatively design growth opportunities for the future. Mr. Kupferschmid brings a wealth…More 

  • Hector Martinez

    Chief Strategy and Process Officer

    As Chief Strategy and Process Officer, Mr. Martinez ensures Pariveda’s processes, both client-facing and internal, align with and effectively execute...More 

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