Our Business of IT Philosophy

The Business of IT® Defined

At Pariveda, we focus on The Business of IT, leading IT as a business for a business. This requires the operational transformation to improve the productivity of our clients’ Information Systems (IS) organizations by helping them deliver more value to the enterprise. The Business of IT applies to any entity that combines people with technology to deliver value.

The IS organization is a business. As a business, the organization must manage itself in the context of its value chain. It must understand its customers’ needs and must deliver value across all business units. Additionally, the IS organization must manage its suppliers, the raw material of IT, rather than be managed by them.

Running IT as a services business may be a strategic imperative, but shifting thinking about how IT fits in the enterprise can be dauntingPariveda works with IS organizations to help them operate in an efficient manner, working like a services organization instead of as a cost center. By focusing on the Business of IT, we help our customers deliver the right products and services to support the primary mission of their enterprise, increasing their value to stakeholders.

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